The Courtney John Project – PRAISE YOU

The Courtney John Project does “Praise You”. Originally called Take Yo’ Praise recorded in 1975 for Camille Yarbrough on her first album “The Iron Pot Cooker”, this track is a suitable choice of song for the group to cover.

Their Rootstronic version is well balanced throughout, with its energetically charged drop beats which are carried along by the emotion in the vocal delivery . The sampler injects industrious mechanized sounds to the mix and this adds to the layers of depth and sincerity that are adherently carried in the vocals.

Lead singer Courtney John said that he really liked Fatboy Slim’s 90’s cover of the hit and thought it would be cool to drop it in a Rootstronic style. This is certainly what they achieved, the version is superbly crafted, it respectfully compliments the original, which even the most hardnosed critics cannot deny.

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