“Too much negative music” I Wayne says “positive songs not being promoted”


International reggae artiste I-Wayne says too much negative music is being promoted within the music industry and as a result the ‘good’ songs are being put on the back burner.

According to the artiste, who has been missing from the spotlight for some time now, he has been doing a lot of singles but they are not getting the necessary rotation to make an impact.

credible collaborations

“I’m here, still working but the media houses a push madness, I have a new mix tape out with credible collaborations, a just the system naah promote wi thing,” he said.

The artiste says he is still writing positive music with real substance, the same quality as his hits Lava Ground,Life Seeds among others.

“It’s not like mi can’t find mi meditation anymore, but a dem a hol’ wi back because a dem control which music gets played,” he said.

“Right now I have been working with a lot of young artistes doing collaborations, suh a nuh like sey Rasta naah buss artiste. But because there is a preference for nastiness, positive artistes are not easy to get their fair attention, but never the less mi still a help the youths,” he added.

I-Wayne also said due to the condition of the local music industry most of his musical earnings were gained from international performances.

natural provision

“We mostly duh the Caribbean Islands and European countries, because wi ting dun set already from Lava Ground,” he said. And when he isn’t recording, he says he does farming. “Sometimes, I just go to the hills and assist with the farming. I have to be prepared so that if the system fails I will have my natural provision to fall back on. When I say to till the soil I live by it, whatever I sing I live it,” he said.

There are, however, some new projects that are afoot, among them, his third album titled Life Teachings.
According to the conscious singer, this album is a real roots one with an authentic reggae flavour.

“We have music from people like Sly and Robbie and the music is live, not the new computer generated rhythms,” he said.
I-Wayne says he has a good feeling about the project, and even has a collaboration with Etana called Life Joywhich is very promising.

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