Top 10: Richest Reggae / Dancehall Artists Alive

Though Dancehall/Reggae music is still considered to be “underground” and a struggling genre in the music industry, a few artists have managed to do well for themselves. Here are the top 10 Richest Dancehall/Reggae artists alive.

01. Shaggy – Net Worth US$22 Million

02. Jimmy Cliff – Net Worth US$18 Million

03. Sean Paul – Net Worth US$11 Million

04. Ziggy Marley – Net Worth US$10 Million

05. Sean Kingston – Net Worth US$7 Million

06. Damian Marley – Net Worth US$6 Million

07. Maxi Priest – Net Worth US$4.6 Million

08. Buju Banton – Net Worth US$4 Million

09. Beenie Man – Net Worth US$3.7 Million

10. Bounty Killer – Net Worth US$3 Million

Bob Marley, though deceased, outranks all the other reggae artists on the list combined. Bob’s estimated value is worth US$130 Million.


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  1. No Disrespect meant, but if Buju is so rich why does there need to be a benefit concert to pay his legal fees huh?

    melina / Reply
  2. Waw Rass we taking over, Bob Marley still da bigman.

    lanqa bigz / Reply
  3. Reggae is BIG business but because the artists don’t market themselves properly (expect for Shaggy and Sean Paul – I don’t consider Sean Kingston Reggae – he’s pop with reggae influence), They will continue to collect the dreggs of the financial barrell.

    JamrockSMR / Reply

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