Trench Town’s JaMin studios receives equipment donation from the Bad Boys of Reggae

Foto: Fitzroy “Dave Prime Time” Green, Abebe Lewis, Simeon (son of Mortimo Planno) and Ian Lewis of Inner Circle at Circle House Studios Miami.

In the heart of Trench Town Jamaica, close to the famous Ambassador Theatre, at the Trench Town Multipurpose Center lays one of Jamaicas many musical Gems The JaMin Studio. Not coincidently this is also the studio where many of the tracks, released by World A Reggae Records were recorded. The studios are ran by Fitzroy “Dave Prime Time” Green, studio manager at Jamaica Music Institute (JaMIN) who has made a name in Jamaica’s music scene as a drummer for many big artists like Luciano, Papa San, Tarrus Riley, Carlene Davis, Alborosie and as the brain child of The Right Band.

The studio has been making significant strides recently, and it recently received a generous gift—an upgraded API Box 2 Summing Mixer and Recording Console. The benefactors behind this valuable contribution are none other than the accomplished musicians Ian and Roger Lewis, founders of Grammy-winning band Inner Circle, along with Ian’s son, Abebe.

When asked, Abebe Lewis told World A Reggae that Ian and Roger are very very excited about the studio and also want to come down to Jamaica and possibly work on some classes about the music business. “This is not just about giving the mixing board but also, we would like to teach the actual business of music. You know, we are in this business for over 50 years you know and we want to transcend our knowledge to the young Jamaicans, the young Jamaican artists coming up and the musicians, songwriters and producers” Abebe quoted his dad.

Fitzroy Green at JaMIN studio
Fitzroy “Dave Prime Time” Green at JaMin Studio Trench Town JA

When asked about Inner Circles gesture Fitzroy Green replied:
“Throughout the last three years, our studio has undergone a transformative refurbishment process, culminating in the successful completion of one and two projects, marking a period of growth and artistic achievement.

The dynamic musical community in Trench Town, particularly the fervent interest from the youth, serves as a wellspring of inspiration. JaMin Studio’s pivotal role in nurturing and developing their skills reflects a steadfast commitment to shaping the future of music within the community.

The recent upgrade in equipment heralds a new phase for the studio, offering expanded possibilities for refining our sound and enhancing the overall quality of our musical projects. I’m genuinely thrilled about the heightened capabilities it brings to our creative process, promising a journey of elevated excellence.

The studio will move forward releasing more tracks in the near future and aims to help and guide the talented youths of Trench Town to nurture their skills and craft on their way to, hopefully, stardom.

By Danny Creatah

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