Underrated. Count C, The Wizard of the West

Cyril ‘Count C’ Braithwaite (1926-2011) was an original Jamaican sound system success story. From his yard at 6 Wellington Street in West Kingston, Jamaica Count C helped to shape modern pop culture and personally mentored more than a few international music careers. A contemporary of Tom the Great Sebastian and a rival to Duke Reid, Count C was a trendsetter and tastemaker before dancehall, reggae, rocksteady or ska. Little known outside of West Kingston… inside he was the Wizard of the West.

Count C was a sound man from the 50s. Count C’s son is Father Romie (Romie started Exodus Nuclear sound) and Count C’s grandson is Gary Exodus (Gary runs the dubplate studio on Red Hills Rd in Kingston). The current issue of Wax Poetics magazine (#48) includes a story written by Soul Of The Lion about Count C and his legacy.

More about Count C can be found in an earlier article on Duttyartz.com

Video by SoulOfTheLion

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