VIDEO: Cocoa Tea & Frankie Paul live @Effenaar, Eindhoven (12/15/2011)

Cocoa Tea…..Frankie Paul…….great names in the reggae scene don’t you think? Well, we in holland got treated allright. 5 Shows in a week and my god let me tell you those were some shows!!!

The WorldaReggae crew got to see 4 of the 5 shows. It really was a great treatment! Both artists performing somewhere near the hour every night doing their best songs and firing the crowd up from the first minute.

Frankie Paul, I personally enjoyed watching and listening to him mostly, because his live performance really touched me. Playing the crowd in every single song by getting us to sing along great hits like Worries in the dark and Casanova, priceless!!

Sweet Cocoa Tea, at his age still a man that has and shows a lot of love to everyone that is at his concert but specially for the ladies. Singing 18 and over for the crowd but really focussing on 1 beautiful woman in the crowd showed me that this man still has every single right to call himself SWEET Cocoa Tea.

We have made a little compilation of the shows in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, we hope you enjoy the footage and the shoutouts that both Frankie Paul and Cocoa Tea gave.

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