X European Reggae Contest gets started in more than 20 European countries

Rototom Sunsplash registrations for the tenth edition of the European Reggae Contest, are open since November 21. The competition, that supports and promotes the European reggae scene, is divided into 6 European areas. Bands from Europe will have the possibility to apply until January 20th

The bands will be judged by the audience and by six juries, made up of over 50 professionals of the international reggae scene. This way the public will have the chance to choose the best band online, on the Contest webpage, between January 10 and 31st. At the beginning of February finalists will be announced.

The prize for the European winner consists in a tour of the best reggae festivals of the continent, like SummerJam in Germany, Reggae SunSka in France, and Rototom Sunsplash in Spain. The Contest prize includes more than 50 shows.

The tenth anniversary of the European Reggae Contest has arrived after its most successful edition, that counted 278 bands participating from 23 different countries and more than 80 partners including music festivals, clubs and promoters. These numbers confirm the contest as a big reggae community, but also as a great opportunity for all upcoming reggae artists.

Thanks to this opportunity, the 2011 European winner, German band Dub á la Pub, the French area winner, Dar-K and Arkaya Music Band, and the Latin one, Livity Songs, have performed at Rototom Sunsplash 2011.

This year the Contest will take place at the same time also in Latin America, where the second edition will be open not only to bands coming from Argentina and Uruguay, but also to bands coming from Chile.


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