Ziggi Marley’s Marijuanaman has landed!

Ziggi Marley’s Marijuanaman has landed on 420! While everyone was celebrating the Hemp culture, this amazing, long awaited comic book from Image Comics dropped.

Ziggy Marley Teamed up with Joe Casey for the storyline and Jim Mahfood for the artwork.

This comic book is different then other comics, and not only because of its Superhero and subject. Jim Mahfood did a great job illustrating with bright and Hallucinatic colors. And the look and feel of the book is great, hardcovered, shiney pages and it even looks like the there is Hemp paper used for the cover (but I am not sure about that).

The Marijuanaman story is about the non-violent ‘Sedona’ from the planet ‘Yelram’ (read backwards) fighting against Techno Biker Mercenarie ‘Cash Money’ to save the Hemp City Exodus from the greedy corporate guys at Pharma-Con. When Exposed to marijuana Sedona is able to fly , his mental and physical capabilities are heightened to super-natural levels. Also, his Aura is increased giving him the skill to win some battles without resorting to violence. He uses his Aura power “Contact High” to affect the mood of his adversaries. His powers are not permanent and he must recharge after a period of time. Allthough it’s the old story about good vs bad it is fun to read and Mahfood’s Art is amazing, even if you don’t wanna read the story.

The comic is filled with action, references to Ziggy and Bob Marley’s songs and even a bit of eroticism. Believe me if I say that you don’t have to be high to read this book, it makes you high by itself.

In my eyes this, again, is a Ziggy Marley project that is done in perfection and I cannot say anything more then that this is a must read for every Comic or Reggae Lover if you like Mahfoods style… Awesome!




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