Ziggi Recado – #LIBERATION EP Out Now!

Finally the date is here! March 8, 2012, Earth strong of International Reggae Artist Ziggi Recado from Amsterdam, Holland. At this special day, Ziggi Recado have a great gift for all his fans. The Brand New EP #LIBERATION from Ziggi Recado is Out Now and as FREE DOWNLOAD Available at the new Ziggi Recado Website www.ZiggiRecadoMusic.com

#LIBERATION is a 6 track EP and his first “independent” project. “I was fortunate enough to link with some really positive people who I felt could just ride with what I had going on. I work with Herbalize It Agency who basically cover tourmanagement functions plus some management aspects of my career. Decko and Dredda Records were very interested and positive about my project and I ended up with a great, small, motivated team to help me get this project done.” “What I knew I wanted for sure was to give the people music, at the end that’s what it’s about.” “That’s why this EP will be for free for a limited time”. “I intend to put out more music than before, always felt that was something that would be great for me”.

“This will be my “EP year” as an EP with Curtis Lynch (Necessary Mayhem) and Decko (Dredda Records) is also in the making”. “Feelin liberated and definitely motivated like never before, I’m sure you’ll hear it in the music”.



2. Cool & Humble Ft. Taranchyla

3. More than Sometimes

4. Lurking

5. Green Medicine

6. Mercilles

There will be an Official #LIBERATION Release Party with: Ziggi Recado & The Renaissance Live in Concert at April 5, 2012 at Bourbon Street, Amsterdam. Soon Come More updates at www.WorldAReggae.com & www.ZiggiRecadoMusic.com

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