Anthony B releases book ‘The Secret To A Mans Heart”

Again Anthony B (real name Keith Blair) proves hes not your average artist, next to his energetic perfomances and song writing he turns out to be a writer for his first book too.
When World A Reggae asked Anthony B about the Why and How about the book, he answered :”The reason I wrote this book is to help empower the woman and the help them answer one of the biggest question ever ask by a woman (how can I a woman stop a man from cheating) and this answer is in the book (The Secret To A Man’s Heart) “.“I started writing this book like 7 years ago so it’s a book I put years time and a lot of research into” according to Anthony B. The book will be available on April 12, 2019.

This should be the #1 thing on all the ladies’ study list. The secret to a man’s heart: when a woman gets dressed and gets herself together she puts in a lot of work and effort to keep her standards high to make sure to keep her man’s full attention on her. A woman loves when the man she loves tells her how much he loves and appreciates her, so my advice to my woman is, let me teach you the ways to truly win a man’s heart.
The best formula for ladies all over the world is coming from the heart, mind and mouth of a man. The secret to a man’s heart can be learned by first doing 7 simple steps. Follow these 7 steps, and you will never have to think about your man ever lying again. (Amazon)

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