Dactah Chando releases 12-track ‘Camino’ album

Dactah Chando presents his tenth album, Camino. It features twelve songs written by the Canarian artist and Portuguese producer Guido Craveiro. The pair previously collaborated on Dactah Chando’s debut album, Clara, 12 years ago.

The starting point for the new project was the will to innovate, let go and exceed their own expectations. Together, they experiment with fresh rhythms and textures that take Spanish reggae to a new sonic dimension, while opening a new chapter in the Tenerife singer’s prolific career.

Camino (meaning ‘path’) is a collection of songs inspired by Dactah Chando’s personal and creative journey, driven by the need to stay in constant motion and share the teachings that life offers. The album is an invitation to introspection and reflection, with songs and messages that encourage the spirit, soul and body.

Renowned producer Guido Craveiro (who has worked with artists such as SEEED, Dellé, Peter Fox and DubXanne) was tasked with creating a musical package for Chando’s stories. For this project, he designed a brand new sound, mixing different genres of current music, while maintaining his characteristic power and force in the production.

The result is a unique album where experimentation and creativity walk the paths of life, from the most mundane to the most profound. It takes us on a sensory journey through new sounds inspired by more familiar ones.

Camino is available to hear on digital platforms and the physical CD is on sale via Dactah Chando’s website.