Dread & Alive #6 Set to release May 17, 2011

(April 4, 2011, San Francisco, USA) Set to release May 17, 2011, Dread & Alive #6 sees Drew share his findings with Brandy and Casey about Gryphon and his men in a SOMA warehouse the night before, prompting the trio to head back to the warehouse to gather more evidence. When they arrive, they are surprised to find the building vacant with no signs that Gryphon, his men or the illegal animal products were ever there. Drew decides to have a closer look around the warehouse and soon discovers that things aren’t always what they seem.

Dread & Alive is the first superhero comic book with a Jamaican superhero. The story follows Drew McIntosh and his battle against evil in both his adopted city of San Francisco and native Jamaica. Selected #4 on Web Designer Magazine’s Hot 100 for 2011, in great part due to the connectivity between the art, music and the multi-media, Dread & Alive features innovative QR technology (bar codes that link to audio, video or information online using a hand held device) in each issue.

Speaking of interactivity, Dread & Alive and iFrogz, the manufacturer of swaggerific digital audio accessories, will collaborate on opportunities across multiple platforms including an exclusive iFrogz audio mix of The Lost Tapes v6 for iFrogz friends and consumers prepared by the deejay Tasha Rozez, who is also featured on the music compilation.

Dread & Alive’s The Lost Tapes v6 (Soul of the Lion, LLC) represents a turn toward the center for the critically acclaimed music series. The rock infused sound of Rootz Underground and the minimalist arrangement by Bushman and Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith capture a quintessential reggae vibe. Artists like Kehv, Melodic and Wio K as well as Taddy P and Tanya Stephens, bring distinct elements of seductive soul, pop, R&B and Hip Hop while never abandoning their reggae roots. And “Me Mantengo Fuerte (I Stay Strong)” by Danny I extends The Lost Tapes’ reach into Latin America where reggae fever is at an all time high. This Lost Tapes edition even contains a track from Dutch artiste Smiley (Keep the Joy) a track he just released featuring Anthony B.

The tracklist of the new Lost Tapes Album:

1. Rootz Underground – “Special Place”
2. Bushman – “I Believe”
3. Kehv – “Conscious Farmer”
4. Danny I – “Me Mantengo Fuerte (I Stay Strong)”
5. Melodic – “Ride On Natty” 6. Wio K – “Foot Loose” feat Tasha Rozez
7. Taddy P & Tanya Stephens – “Heart of Stone”
8. Messenjah Selah – “What Will It Take”
9. Smiley – “Keep The Joy” feat Anthony B

Be sure to get the new Issue and the Album, or get the chance to win the previous 5 albums in our Contest.


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