Follow Me – Forelock

Follow Me is the new EP by Forelock, including five songs with a different sound than the previous productions of this Italian artist. In fact, compared to the roots reggae of his previous works, Follow Me reflects the desire to explore without paying attention to genre stereotypes and contexts.

The result is an intimate and personal album: the songs writing began during the first lockdown, a period that undoubtedly made people want to confront each other, compete and let themselves be contaminated by other musical worlds. Forelock himself said: “This work is a personal release of something that I have unknowingly kept hidden for many years. It comes from the great desire to recognize myself in the music that has no limits. Obviously for me it’s reggae, but the soul of this EP sounds strongly urban”.

The lyrics in English and Patois and the intense vocal melodies blend in a solid urban flavor, with a fresh and modern sound, derived from an almost entirely digital production. The songs were developed in the instrumental part by Ultranoise (Federico Mazzolo, Italian beatmaker), and finally mixed by the guru of Italian dub: Paolo Baldini.

Follow Me (La Tempesta Dub) is available on digital platforms.