‘I And I Chant’ – Mellow Mood x Emeterians

Mellow Mood have joined forces with vocal trio Emeterians to release their new single, I And I Chant. Produced and mixed by Paolo Baldini DubFiles, the song is a powerful exhortation to trust in tomorrow.

In the words of Jacopo Garzia, one of the frontmen of Mellow Mood and author of the lyrics, “this song wants to interpret the events that involve us, especially the difficult and painful ones, as a possibility of growth. What is happening today can be a push for improvement, both personal and social. However, we must undertake a path that makes us see the good in all the evil, and that at the same time does not lead us into naive illusions, but rather gives us the strength to build faith in life in ourselves and push us to do the right thing”.

Written remotely in the midst of the current pandemic, I And I Chant has a distinctly roots flavor, as nothing better can carry a message of hope and will. And as the title itself states, when voices are raised together, there is total harmony of souls and hearts: the I becomes the Other and vice versa.

Garzia continues: “The idea of ​​the collaboration with Emeterians came up immediately in my head while I was writing the chorus. The melody made me imagine roots choirs and a meditative, groundation atmosphere, and the Emeterians are absolute specialists in this field”.

For his part, Brother Wildman of the Emeterians explains: “I and I Chant is a song about keeping hope, never giving up, being aware that despite adversity it is possible to maintain a positive attitude, that those adversities we overcome become wisdom and that in the end, good prevails over evil. We received a message from Jacopo where he told us about his vision on the piece, in his view only possible together with us Emeterians. We were listening for the first time to the guitar and voice audition that he sent us, and we had already found the right harmonization. This is how the piece was born, spontaneously… We could only accept and collaborate”.

The video of a live performance recorded at the Capitol Theater in Pordenone (Italy) with both bands, together with the dub version by Paolo Baldini DubFiles is available on YouTube

I And I Chant is available on all digital platforms.

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