Kazam Davis Releases ‘Ancient Warriors’ EP

“Authentic sound, powerful message” and “a humble spirit” are a few terms used by fans and media personnel to describe this young upcoming artiste. A musical force to be reckoned with whose main purpose and aspiration is to spread the message of Jah to the corners of the world. Over time, constant hard work has cocooned his sound into a beautiful combination of works highlighting his versatility.

His message music reveals an inner spirit that has the need to make a positive change. The “Ancient Warriors EP” has eight tracks, from beginning to end, each song highlights different experiences in life’s journey and will allow you to explore the many creative sides of Kazam. The EP title “Ancient Warriors’ is taken from the Title Track ‘Ancient Warriors’ that Kazam Voiced on the World A Reggae Riddim.

The concept of “Ancient Warriors” comes from the grass roots of Kazam’s acoustic-styled music, and also points to the artistic direction, which Kazam has chosen, one which embodies his love for Afrika and the people of the world. Through this EP listeners can expect diversity, versatility, some Roots Rock Reggae, Reggae Soul, Nyahbinghi, Dub, Dancehall balanced with the soothing engaging sounds of the Acoustic vibration. Expect nothing but positive music, messages and energies !!!.


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