Keep Believing – Chant Vibration

Chant Vibration presents their first album, Keep Believing, the result of several years of work caught between collective studio sessions (arrangement) and live concerts. It is produced by One Love Records.

 Keep Believing, as the band explains, is an album that exhort to stand firm, to strong ethics and solid points of reference, a very hard challenge nowadays,  “We are forced to deal with a selfish and nihilistic society, where money and success are the only parameters worthy of consideration. Like the tree that grows on the bank of a river, we will put down our roots and fight until good will prevails over evil. We cannot stand and watch, we need to act with faith, hope and love in our hearts”.

The track list include 7 songs described by Chant Vibration themselves as follows “Society forces us to run (Run) and enslaves us (Prisoner), we must nevertheless find the strength to fight (Rise Up ) and react (Reaction), Greatness is by ore side (Ovah). Redemption time will come(Jah Jah Fayah) we will keep our faith despite the injustices and difficulties that will arise on our path (Keep Believing).”

Keep Believing is available on digital platforms.

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