Lee Fry Music: ‘Real Soldier’ feat. Sledge

The Italian producer Roberto ‘Orde’ Casetta, with his label Lee Fry Music, presents the EP Real Soldier in free download. It consists of five songs in which the Jamaican Sledge sings.

Lee Fry, known for his collaborations with numerous international artists, started working with Odaine Douglas aka Sledge almost by chance; after having composed and produced a first song, he decided to make an EP to enhance the qualities of the singjay, such as the versatility in singing on different styles and conscious lyrics stand out.

The riddims, composed by Lee Fry himself, ranges from one drop to roots with some references to rap / boom bap and dancehall. Sledge on his part has chosen to write profound lyrics, to remember the values that are important to him.

Real Soldier is available for free download on digital stores and on Lee Fry Music’s Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Youtube channels.