Make It Better (Remix) – Mellow Mood with Tiano Bless & La Tifa

Mellow Mood, one of the most important Italian bands on the European reggae scene, present the remix of Make It Better. It’s a new version of their 2022 single originally written in collaboration with the American band Iya Terra.

Make It Better (Remix) is roots reggae with soft, melancholic and meditative sounds. This suits the style of additional Latin American guests Tiano Bless (Chile) and La Tifa (Colombia), not only musically and melodically, but also due to the positivity of the message.

In this new Spanish version, Make It Better is confirmed as a song of hope and internal and external action. Tiano Bless sings: “Solo confía en cada paso que das aunque no sepas cuánto queda por luchar” (Have faith in every step you take, even if you don’t know how much remains to fight) and La Tifa adds: “Nuestro camino es simplemente una oportunidad para crecer” (Our path is simply an opportunity to grow). The goal is to believe in life and in the improvement path without the need for immediate evidence.

Make It Better (Remix) is released by La Tempesta Dub and is available on digital platforms.