Mikey General “Hailelujah Song” in digital stores now!

Mikey General’s 12th studio work Hailelujah Song has hit the streets! Released on December 3rd 2013 on the Barcelona based Reggaeland label, the 15 track set was recorded partly in the prestigious Tuff Gong studios in Kingston and partly in Reggaeland’s own Barcelona studio.

“When Mikey records in Tuff Gong it is always quite an event. People pack the studio to see this mystical and musical experience. But I believe that it is in the recording sessions in Barcelona that the special alchemy between artist and producer reached its climax” Marcus Reggaeland

“Hailelujah Song” is the result of a two year long profound musical research effort with the aim to cater a broader audience with the simple and universal messages of Rastafari. As the title suggests “Hailelujah Song comes from Haile which means power and Lujah which means of Jah, so Hailelujah Song is the Power of Jah Song”, Mikey General said.

With his humble manners, the reggae veteran conveys a solid positive message, in line with his previous works and with his steady desire to uplift mankind through music and Rasta values. Musically spanning from the classical roots reggae beats, to more modern arrangements, this album is surely set to endure in time, and it is completed by a couple of tunes that focus on the topic of man and woman relationships and a very refreshing combination with popular singjay Sr Wilson outta Spain.

It is now possible to purchase the release on digital music stores worldwide. Get a copy, add it to your collection of pure quality Reggae and support good music with a conscious message!

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Hailelujah Song

1. Roots Rocking Reggae
2. Inna Million Years
3. No Follow Babylon
4. Early in The Morning
5. Word Sound & Power
6. Only for a Time
7. Rastafari Never Lies
8. Harder They Come, Quicker They Run feat. Sr. Wilson
9. Hailelujah Song
10. Jah Will Be There
11. Wanna Be Happy
12. Sort Out
13. Let’s Pass Love On
14. King Selassie I Alone
15. Won’t You Forgive Me.

Produced: M. SL Masgoret – Reggaeland
Recorded: Michael Howell (Tuff Gong) and Genis Trani (ReggaeLand)
Mixed: Genious


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