Mista Savona presents ‘Havana Meets Kingston part 2′

Mista Savona marks his big comeback with the new project Havana Meets Kingston part 2. Almost three years after the first volume’s release, the formula remains unchanged, to everyone’s delight.

Havana Meets Kingston part 1, critically acclaimed when it was released in 2017, had conquered the whole world thanks to his audacious productions mixing reggae with Cuban music. Common African roots and colonial histories yet link two different aesthetics. Their influence on the music of the world has been immeasurable, but their influence on each other has been less evident.

But that was without counting on the visionary Mista Savona who, after releasing a series of reggae/dub albums and becoming interested in Cuban music, decided to create the Havana Meets Kingston project. For this, he brings together the maestros of both genres, including Jamaican musicians Sly & Robbie to record in the emblematic Egrem Studios where Buena Vista Social Club and many other musical treasures have been produced.

Havana Meets Kingston part 2 is now released and it does not have to be ashamed of the previous volume. Many Jamaican and Cuban talents join the party, including stars of both genres such as Clinton Fearon, Randy Valentine, Prince Alla, Barbarito Torres, Brenda Navarrete and many more… An exceptional project and an unmissable outing!

Havana Meets Kingston part 2 is available on vinyl, CD and on all digital platforms.