Ade Nima Releases 11 Track ‘Truth” Album

Ade Nima’s 11 track album embarks on a journey of emotions. “It’s an album that everyone can relate to.” Ade told World A Reggae. “However, the main aim is to empower our people. Love, our relationships, one’s self worth and going for your dreams are some of the themes which are expressed on this album.”

“I wrote each song at different points of my life and I know persons will identify hits throughout this album.” She added.

Ade Nima, born Joan Natalie Joseph Phillips on December 16, 1987, is considered to be a triple threat. She is a Singer, Dancer and Actress who, at early age knew she was meant to be in the spotlight.

At only 8 years old, she had already started writing her own songs and singing on both school and church choirs. By age 12, she began choreographing dances for the church’s dance ministries and school class parties. She always loved performing, but after her experience with a live band, she was ‘bitten by the bug’ and never stopped singing. It was during that time, she along with two of her friends, joined their passion for music and started the school band. She possessed an aura of irresistible charisma with an electrifying stage presence that pulled you in. It all came naturally to her, and was quickly identified and encouraged by those who bear witness.

Ade Nima doesn’t box her music in just a single genre because she enjoys an Eclectic mix. Her songs are born from her life experiences; both personal and what she sees or hears about from her peers and within her society. She writes her own music, each takes a form of its own as some start out as poems that she later adds melody to. Others are derived from just the melody itself. Her aim is to relate to those in their mid 20’s late 30s. Though it’s been a challenge getting gigs and getting her music broadcasted, her passion hasn’t dwindled. She enjoys the varying dynamic from both studio recordings and live performances, however, she takes her true form whilst serving a live crowd. In fact, she feels being able to perform her own songs is one of her greatest achievements thus far. Ade Nima has recorded singles Truth, Rich Love, Caution and Spread Love Reloaded which are available on all digital platforms and will be releasing her debut album. She has worked with JEdge The Jamaican Singer (Who have produced projects for the late Bunny Wailer) and Paris LaMont (Keyboardist for Protoje). She hopes to collaborate with Chronixx, Beres Hammond, Sevana, Usher and Alicia Keys in future.

She enjoys the diversity that Jamaican music represents, along with the vast number of great artists putting out great music. Her mission is to be a household name both locally and internationally who has collaborated with the greats in various countries across the world.

The Truth Is her first, self produced, full album and was released October 27, 2023