Who Am I? Rass Motivated is asking…

Sometimes, you feel like you’ve heard everything, always the same thing. And then it comes. The surprise.

This time, it comes from Netherlands and it’s called Who am I , from Rass motivated. As a french contributor, who did not stay for long in this great country, I unfortunately don’t know the dutch reggae scene very well. However, it is always a pleasure to hear talented dutch singers.

Rass motivated is a young singer, who released his first EP in 2011 and was elected as Rotterdam Music Ambassador in 2012.

Who Am I is his first album and is set to be released on Dec, 21st. It is part of the very interesting Roots Revival we’re at since couple of years now. I think the most difficult part in this movement and for the artists who are part of it, is to honor the Roots Music with their own personality, and sound different from eachother but still united.

Who Am I -cover back


Who Am I – a 13 tracks album . And also the first song we hear. A man, Sherandell Maynard, and his alter ego Rass Motivated with brilliant lyrics to describe the dual reality we all know. Who we are, who we want to be, how we see ourselves and how people see us.  Who am I, who is that talking in my head ? Why oh why should I listen to the things that he says ?

But questioning yourself does not take you away from the Lord reminds you Man a wait. Actions and words should wear a more spiritual cloak . Young Rass a sing his Love to his Lord.

A who dem now killing and mistreating People out there ? A delicate combination with Joggo that brings us to our terrifying reality in this world.  The perfect alliance of their voices softens the sensitive topics. Some people say serious and difficult things are easier to hear with a smile. Cogito Ergo sum –  said Descartes , we think therefore we are … humans in the creation, This is who we are, and we’re Calling out for a little bit of love.

Beware of the Fake friend and their smile. Put your Alarm on. Keep your friends close, keep your friends far, so when they turn enemies they don’t know where you are. [feat Kalibwoy]

But then You just need to shine, The natural Light in you, Love is the only way to take yourself to a Brighter day ! [feat Niki Buzz]

A man not only loves his creator. [Girl] You could have Trick me lovely… Real lovers talk. As the very romantic She loves me that brings you in a 70’s-80’s mood, picturing your own musical with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Thirteen Rebel music, as the first single out, is available for free download throughout December. This song is amazingly dedicated to our sweet Reggae music, and its Revival.

In case you’re not convinced of his talent… [really?], Rass Motivated gives us 3 A Capella masterpieces that will definitely make you go for him. The poetic Snow Gone, the conscious and spiritual Sometimes, and the MUST-be-listened Marcus Garvey.


This album is definitely a very good first solo album, and we are definitely looking forward the live performance on his release party !

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