Azizzi Romeo has released his 3rd EP, ‘Catharsis’

Rising artist and producer Azizzi Romeo has today released his 3rd EP, ‘Catharsis’. The 7 track masterpiece is being released via Charmax Music (an Indie label founded by Max Romeo) and is a blend of multi-genres; Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop, AfroPop, and more. Romeo’s silky smooth vocals are set ablaze to a story of romance which is underscored in each track. “I wanted to create something romantic. And I also wanted it to be honest.” Azizzi said. “I ended up pouring out my emotions on some of the tracks. Midway through the creative process, I realized I was purging myself of the past, my mind had become as light as a feather. I had confronted my inner demons and subjugated them. So I decided to name the project ‘Catharsis’.”

The EP is being released along with a visualizer, shot in Azizzi’s studio, for the soulful; track 3 – ‘Feelings’. The track is a shun to the concept of ‘tough love’ and is instead an encouragement to the men to love their women out loud. “If you love somebody you’ve got to show it delightfully. Make your spouse feel a sense of assurance that you will be there in the best of times, and the worst of times. Provide emotional support, make them forget the negatives and look at the brighter side of life.”