‘Borderline’, the second album by The Young Tree

Italian band The Young Tree present their second album, Borderline, produced by Madaski (Africa Unite). It’s a work rich in human and social themes: that address aspect of everyday life and the society in which we live, alongside more introspective reflections and tributes to music and nature.

Preceded by the title track single, Borderline continues the journey begun with debut album Seed, moving away from the strictures often imposed in a musical genre like reggae. This time, the production helps define the group’s sonic identity, thanks to the expert hand of one of the members of the historic Africa Unite collective.

Speaking of the album, Madaski says: “It was undoubtedly the most interesting artistic production I’ve ever done for a reggae band. The themes included in the album range through wide and diverse moods, influences, sounds, and styles. The vocals were very precise and created rather unusual melodic lines that fit very well into the musical fabric. The band showed a great mental openness and the will to renew an often ossified sound, escaping from the commonplace. In my opinion, The Young Tree is the most talented group of this kind to be found in Italy today”.

Borderline is available on all digital platforms – and on CD format at the band’s concerts.