Buju Banton releases his long-awaited ‘Born For Greatness Album’

At midnight on September 8, Mark Myrie aka Buju Banton released his new Studio album ‘Born for Greatness‘ on Cargamel Music/ROC Nation Records/Def Jam Recordings. The album contains 17 new tracks, including the earlier released Coconut Wata, Body Tocuhing Body, and the title track, Born for Greatness. This album is the first album after the acclaimed Upside Down 2020 album.

On Born For Greatness Buju traces a journey through vibes—from the cinematic opener “Ageless Time” up until the triumphant finale of “Let My People Go.” Along the way, he collaborated with a handful of friends: Victoria Monét on the sultry and seductive “Body Touching Body” and Stephen Marley on the emotionally charged “Feel A Way.” and Snoop Dogg/Lion on ‘High Life”.

Once again I felt that Music is about taste, I have seen it too many times. A track that resonates with one person can be skipped by the next person. We suggest you listen to the album and form your own opinion on this album. What resonates for me is that the album contains a lot of Hip-Hop Beats, instead of the expected Reggae/Dancehall Sound that was offered to us on the Epic Grammy-winning ‘Before The Dawn” Album.

Tracks like ‘Nuff Love For You“, ‘Trial by Fire‘ and ‘Let My People Go” (a choir always works well) stand out on this album for me. But again. I am a big fan of artists that venture out to try different things in their musical Journey, and that is how it should be, but for us, being ‘World a REGGAE’, This album sounds too “Hip-Hop” (probably the influence of ROC and Def Jam?) Go listen for yourself and let us know your thoughts.