Capital Letters – Vinyard (Reissue)

Vinyard – Capitol Letters
Reissued by Greensleeves / VP Records

The sound of Capital Letters is deep roots – UK style. Championed by influential BBC DJ John Peel, Capital Letters breakthrough single ‘Smoking My Ganja’ became one of the bestselling reggae records of 1978. The success of their debut album Headline News led to multiple tours across the UK and mainland Europe throughout the early 1980s. More than 30 years later, Greensleeves re-introduces the group’s critically acclaimed follow up album, Vinyard. Originally released in 1982, the re-issue package captures the sound of the golden age of UK reggae.

Bonus material includes four previously unreleased outtakes from Headline News and the first ever release of “Rasta Seh”. The set includes two others from the legendary BBC John Peel session. (LP vinyl also available)

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1. Muss Muss
2. Murdering Style
3. No Jobs
4. Why
5. Vinyard
6. How Far
7. Baggawolf
8. Old Old Owl
9. Africa Bound
10.Fi Wi Parents
11.Oh Politician
12.What Would You Do
13.Fall In Love Forever
14.How Far Can A Man Run
15.Rasta Seh (BBC John Peel Session)
16.Fire (BBC John Peel Session)
17.Smoking My Ganja (BBC John Peel Session)

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