Colah Colah Release new album “Networks and The Future

In 2012 Colah Colah released his third album called “Networks” (after Steady Meady and Up and Running). “Networks” is a Basco Production from The Netherlands and is released by Elevation Records in Jamaica. This album was officially celebrated with an album release party in Kingston Jamaica with the One Drop Roots Band in the end of 2012. After this huge release party Colah Colah and recording artist Turbulence (who featured at the Networks album and also was present at the release party) created the idea to make a new album together. And of course the name of this album had to be “Networks and The Future”.

All riddims on this album are played by One Drop Roots Band and recorded in Jamaica. The harmony vocals of Colah Colah tracks are done by Adina Myrie (Buju Bantons sister) and recorded in Jamaica as well. And also all lead vocals of Colah Colah and Turbulence are recorded in Jamaica. This mixing of the album has been done by Galo in The Netherlands.

The first single of the album was already released earlier this year and is called “The Bees” from Colah Colah. This song has reached several charts since then and even is still rising in popularity in Jamaica, the Caribbean and in the rest of the world.

About Colah Colah

Born Stephan Bygrave on January 6th, 1972, in the tough innercity community of “Jones Town”, Kingston, Colah Colah got his stage name from two girls who are his friend’s daughters. He attended VB prep school and then Stony Hill all age and completed his secondary education at Kingston Senior school. Downtown Kingston was always buzzing with entertainment activities, and after class was dismissed each evening, Colah Colah and his school mates frequented several record stores and studios where he saw many of the top recording artists. Performing at several school concerts, Colah Colah decided that he wanted a career in music. After leaving school, Colah Colah began hanging out at various studios in Kingston, including “Penthouse Studio” and “Music Works” recording studio.

Inspired by top deejay Shabba Ranks, Colah Colah approached and recorded for various record producers. But it was Miss. Kempner, an American visitor, impressed so much by Colah Colah’s talent that she released his first record entitled “I And Jah”. He went on to record for labels including Calidonia Records and Capricorn records. Recognizing that music requires team work, in 1999 Colah Colah and two of his close friends started a group which they named “Covenant Radicals” and a label called “Covenant records”. Their musical effort generated recordings such as “A Better Way”, “The Girl Is Mine” and “By We”. Despite one of the group member’s migrating to the U.S. , the remaining members maintained their friendship while pursuing their solo careers. Colah Colah took the enterprising step of starting his own label named “Elevation Records”.

In 2008 Colah Colah released his debut album entitled “Steady Meady” on his independent label “Elevation Records”.  The title song “Steady Meady” was recorded for Miller 9 Production.  This song captured the airwaves with heavy rotation on radio and the video was a smashing hit on TV and cable channels. “Steady Meady” elevated Colah Colah’s career to new heights which forced the music industry to stand up and take notice. This song has taken the Rastafarian reggae singer to various places in the Caribbean such as Trinidad and Tobago and to major cities in Europe like Amsterdam/Netherlands and Frankfurt/Germany during his Europe Tour with his friend Matyu from Lava Vice Sound in Germany.  He also received an award from the Jamaica Defense Force for the conscious message in “Steady Meady” and for his charity work.

Two years later in 2010 his next album entitled “Up And Running” was released on his “Elevation Records” label.  This album contains hot singles like “Red Red Red”, “Up And Running” and “Anchor” which features Turbulence.  In 2012 the “Up and Running” album was followed up by a next album called “Networks”, which  was released with Basco Record Production out of the Netherlands and Elevation Records in Jamaica. This album brought forth several singles including “Survival” which went to number five (5) on the “Video Alley Top Ten Charts.  “Networks is an album that has something for everyone, it’s all about good clean music, righteous music,” said the artist.

Colah Colah is currently enjoying strong rotation with his latest single titled The Bees on the Basco imprint and he is also a part of Climate Change project. In 2013 Colah Colah is expecting to release a new album along with The One Drop Roots Band. The saga continues…

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