CounterAction is back with a brand new 12” with Rainbow Coalition

After a few years on hiatus and a string of releases on its sister digital label Original Soundz, 11 years since its first 10”, CounterAction is back with a brand new 12” expected to land on the 19th of June 2018.

COUNT007 features Rainbow Coalition, a musical collaboration that started when I-mitri (CounterAction/Original Soundz, AMP Outernational) met Tim (Slimmah Sound/Roots Tribe) on the road while gigging. This record is a part of a body of work that came about as a result of the friendship thatdeveloped over the years since then. The project was written and recorded between the Netherlands and Leicester, UK, and mixed by I-Mitriin the CounterAction studio.

COUNT007 features many live elements alongside the digital, smoothly blending modern rootswith classic analog dub mixing. The quality of productionis consciouslysound system mindedwith heavy dub versions.

12” Track List:

A1 – Rainbow Coalition feat. I-mitri  – Can’t See The Sky
A2 – Cant See The Dub
AA1 – Rainbow Coalition feat. I-mitri –The Movement
AA2 – Movement Dub

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