De Strangers debut album ‘Chant Away’

Chant Away is the powerful debut album by the Italian reggae band De Strangers, out via La Tempesta Dub. Comprising ten original songs and a dub version by Paolo Baldini DubFiles, the album aims to be a manifesto of resistance and hope and to convey a message of struggle and rebellion.

Recorded and self-produced by the band in their Studio La Sabbia, Chant Away is an emotional and spiritual experience that embodies the transformative power of reggae music. The title itself is an invitation to free yourself through chant and rhythm and to challenge adversity with courage and determination. De Strangers want to underline the crucial role of music in counteracting the darkness that can cloud our existence.

Elia Pozzi (vocals, drums) and Emiliano Vegro (keyboards), the operational core of the band, summarise the project: “In the life of each of us, challenges and difficulties shape our being. Every experience leaves an indelible mark, memories and emotions that accompany us wherever we go. It is this personal background that allows us to create authentic art and music”. They add: “We worked on the lyrics and arrangements with engaging rhythms and melodies that try to capture the essence of life itself. Through this work we invite the listeners to reflect on their own experiences and to find the inner strength to face difficulties with confidence and strength of spirit”.

Deep research on sound, and the mix curated by Giovanni Doneda (electric bass) were fundamental to a journey filled with sonic variety, resulting in ten songs that explore the universe of reggae via its nuances. De Strangers, who also include Nicolas Biscione (electric guitar) and Alessandro Luppi (bass clarinet, saxophone), have expertly woven a musical plot that ranges from traditional roots reggae in songs such as Rebel Healing ft. Prince Alla, to lighter songs with major key harmonies inspired by the 70s and 80s. Along the way, they also ventured into reggae-dub territory with tracks such as No Justice ft. Galas and Warriors ft. Patois Brothers, enriched with synth bass and steppers rhythms, thus creating an engaging and dynamic listening experience.

The dub version of the song Rebel Healing, mixed by Paolo Baldini DubFiles, adds a further layer of depth and complexity to the album. The instrumental version and its sound manipulation transport the listener on a sensory journey, where time seems to dilate and every note becomes a mystical experience.

The cover, designed by Nanà Dalla Porta, depicts a giant crossing wild lands and mountains, striding over rivers, contemplating starry skies and sunsets. This image symbolizes the journey of a band that wants to bring their music beyond geographical and cultural borders, uniting people.

Chant Away is available on digital platforms and in CD format.

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