Dutch/Surinamese songstress Samora releases new album ‘Chameleon”

Already, the two pre-release singles “Precious” and “Please Be Mine” have revealed some of the quality that could be expected from Samora’s new album. Fresh, playful, committed and colorful presented the Surinamese-born on the first two singles. And now Samora’s second album “Chameleon” is here. It contains thirteen songs that combine different styles of Afro-Caribbean music, from modern Dancehall to soulful Afrobeat with great Pop appeal and Reggae in various styles: sometimes modern and energetic, sometimes rootsy and dreamy. And it is exactly this versatility that gives the album its name. Just as the chameleon adapts its color to its surroundings, Samora is able to capture the essence of different musical styles and instrumentals with her powerful lyrics and catchy melodies, breathing life and magic into them.

Samora loves to experiment with different musical genres and she doesn’t have specifically one single subject she focuses on. She believes in freedom, she loves any kind of art expression. Therefore, she reflects all kinds of things she’s experiencing in her music and art, things that are happening in her life, things she gets confronted with by other people, and things that are inspiring her.

The album features some great Jamaican artists like Anthony B, Turbulence, and Jah Mason and other guest appearances from fantastic artists from all corners of the world, from Colombia (La Tifa) to Germany (Dr. Ring Ding) to La Réunion (Guillaume Hoarau).

Also, versatility runs like a thread through the creation process of the album. While most of the songs were recorded, produced, and mixed by Swiss-based producers Res Staudenmann and Kiro MusicMaker, you’ll find contributions from Jahwise from Brazil/Australia, Upsetta Records/Loud City Music from the USA, Bobby Beats from the Netherlands, SoundCham from Germany and Tuffarapha from Switzerland as well.

How could an album production possibly be more colorful than this?

On “Chameleon”, Samora is performing on an international level and her versatile, catchy, pleasing and extremely appealing album is a gift and an inspiration for all music lovers. Enchanting.

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