EarthKry doesn’t play games with new 8-track Dandy Shandy Album

We already knew that EarthKry could play, and play well, but with this new 8-track album they made sure they created a hit. The new record takes us back, way back to the 60/70’s days of Rocksteady and Ska. The 4 men band made sure to let this “Dandy Shandy” album sound as authentic as possible, and this authenticity really brought the album to life.

The record is released under the Wash House Music Group Label based in California. All recording was done in Kingston, Jamaica at Tads Recording Studio, and songs were played, written, and sung by the EarthKry band members. 

Make sure to get your hands on this one or stream it right away because EarthKry didn’t play a game this time while putting this album together!