Foresta & Royal Blu – Sing With God EP

Foresta & Royal Blu – Sing With God EP Promo Mix

Sing With God provides an alternative concept to the far more known saying ‘Dance with the Devil’. Rather than a religious notion, it describes a positive abstraction while also talking about the ‘downs of life’. To Sing With God means to align yourself with positivity – to bring good into the world for the purpose of pushing progress. The title track – with feature guest Runkus – itself describes the connection and interaction between these two poles with strong and vivid images that upon closer inspection present enigmas that leave room for a listener’s own interpretation.

All tracks were recorded at Quik Keyz’s Studio in Kingston, Jamaica over the past two years during Foresta’s multiple visits on the island:

‘The process of creating the EP was really new and refreshing for me. It also helps that Foresta and I became genuine friends the more we were around each other. So that made the music and the process even more organic’ – Royal Blu

‘It was an amazing time. During the sessions a lot of people would just swing by the studio being curious to see what we are working on and to share vibes or input. I met a lot of new faces.’
– Foresta

While Let’s Get High is about unmet expectations between two human beings, Believe together with Lila Iké talks about faith as if it would be a loved one that is hard to keep around. Blu Mahoe doesn’t quickly reveal its message, as it addresses the beauty of Jamaica and nature in general (which is at stake), while referencing the negative impact of the corporate world and even Jamaica’s history of slavery. In On The Side Royal Blu sings: ‘Everybody wants to be on the fast lane, until the fast lane ain’t fast no more’, a reference to the way today’s want for individual progress may produce negative values in today’s society. Musically too, the project does not follow the fast-lane trends of Jamaica but sets a sound in its own space and time making for a smooth journey through valleys of timeless sounds Foresta’s signature style, a blend of Hiphop, Soul, Urban and Reggae combined with Royal Blu’s Jamaican delivery.

Album: Sing With God EP
Artist: Foresta & Royal Blu
Release Date: 24th November 2017
Label: Foresta Music
Distributor: Believe Digital Germany
Mixing: Foresta
Mastering: Jan Magan
Promotion: Musical Impact / Irie Ites

Artwork: Taj Francis

01. Let’s Get High
02. Believe feat. Lila Iké
03. Blu Mahoe
04. On The Side
05. sinG with God feat. Runkus