French band ‘Da Break’ releases their 4th album “Steady”

Formed in Lyon in 2017, Da Break is a French band known for mixing reggae, soul, funk, and hip-hop into a unique sound. The group includes singer Jennifer “Hawa” Zonou, producer Bruno “Patchworks” Hovart, and drummer Rémy Kaprielan. Zonou’s soulful vocals, Hovart’s skillful production, and Kaprielan’s energetic drumming create a blend that appeals to many listeners. Together, they bring a fresh and lively vibe to the music scene.

Their first album, Da Break, came out in 2018 and was praised for its rich and authentic sound. They followed up with Let It Shine in 2021, where they deepened their exploration of funk and soul while keeping their reggae influences strong. Songs like “Give Your Love” and “The Break” showcase their ability to mix different styles smoothly, making their music enjoyable for both old-school and modern fans.

Following their 2023 album “Da Best Riddim Eternal Action Krew album, the band recently, on June 14th, Da Break released their 4th album called “Steady” containing 10 new tracks, funny enough all with the word “Steady” in the title.

Da Break is also known for their exciting live performances, which have impressed audiences across Europe. They regularly play at festivals and venues, winning over fans with their engaging shows and interactive stage presence. Their music is available on popular streaming platforms, and they keep in touch with fans through social media. Da Break’s creative blend of classic and modern sounds makes them a standout band in the world of reggae and soul music.