Ginjah claims his place in music with 19-track “music is Mine” Album

One of the characteristic voices in Reggae music is that voice of the Reggae Soul Man, Ginjah. And lucky for us, Ginjah released his 19-track new project called ‘Music is Mine“. The album also contains the earlier released ‘Immigration‘ which is accompanied with a video, ‘Fighter‘, the more dancehall orientated ‘Pepper’, the meditative ‘Fire‘ and the title track, ‘Music Is Mine‘. Special mention for the last track on the album; “Cancer” touching on the subject of one of mankind’s biggest uncureable problems.

Listening to a Ginjah album never gets boring, with his soothing high voice, the carefully chosen riddims and well written lyrics he never strays far from his mega hit “Music Alone“, a track that stil stands out many years after its release in 2006. We can’t wait for Ginjah to drop another track or album soon. Make sure you get your hands or ears on this album and add it to your playlist or collection. With this album Ginjah claims his place in music and he makes sure he is here to stay! We are looking forward to see Ginjah grace stages outside Jamaica again soon.