When HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON when Cuba meets Jamaica

A project that is exciting millions of music fans across the globe.

When HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON when Cuba meets Jamaica … These two islands are so different and so close. Two countries passionately linked to music which are still living through it. Two nations coming from people migration diversity and cultural mix proving that’s make us richer stronger and most creative!

Carnival Randy Valentine SolisThat’s why HAVANA MEETS KINGSTON is a so special project, until today nobody else recorded an album like this one! The idea was born thanks to Mista Savona Australian globetrotter producer who is travelling the world looking for greatest sounds and talents. In 2015 he decided to bring all together the bests from Kingston and Havana. So, Sly & Robbie, Bongo Herman, ‘Bopee’ Anderson, Ernest Ranglin, Rolando Luna and Barbarito Torres from Buena Vista Social Club, Los Van Van, Havana Cultura and many more met together. Experimented musicians had worked too with the young prodigy from the two islands. An historical intergenerational and intercultural exchange! Borders are opening up thanks music again.

Since few months, the project is jarring on the web with a presentation video which was around 1.6 million views in the first week on Facebook generating powerful interest from music’ addicts from all over the globe. David Rodigan himself Dj an programmer from the famous BBC in the UK already played « Carnival » the first single and we finally propose you to discover it! Recorded as the rest of the album in the Egrem Studios in Havana. « Carnival » is a triumphant anthem and a song that speaks about the transformative power of music. It featuring the Randy Valentine’s Jamaican flow and Solis’ very special Cuban voice carefully mixing Cuban piano’s notes heavy reggae bass and Afro Cuban, Afro Jamaican percussions. « Carnival » may will open a new chapter in the history of Caribbean music the perfect mix between two languages and two styles. It will be the sound of a new multicultural generation who need more than one only style and prefers novelties experimentation travels and meetings.

Well a first single which will definitely make you want to listen the full album, be patient it will release in September 2017 and a documentary is planned for 2018.