Icho Candy releases 11-track “Warning” Album

Het has been a while for Winston Evans, better know under his stage name Icho Candy, and being one of the baddest voices in the 80’s (and still) to release a new album. The singer of songs like Mr. User, Cool Down Sufferer, Blood Sucker and his greatest hit Captain Selassie I, produced by Joe Gibbs) has been busy recording his latest 11-track roots project called “Warning” at the Bravo studio for the Superone Promotion Label.

As mentioned earlier the album contains 11 superb roots tracks that take back to the days of old trhough the sounds a hammond organs, brass, percussions and deep drums and bass. We suggest you to give this great body of work a listen and drift away to those authentic reggae times.

This album won’t probably go up of a Grammy, but if it does, this is where our vote in the Reggae Categorie would go! Roots Music!