Ivoryman – Mr. Bill Collector

Ivoryman – Mr. Bill Collector
Taken from the to be released “Culturally Rude” Album Released on Ivoyman’s Tusk Records & VPAL Music
Mastered by Michiel Cornelisse at Blaisdell Studio/ 76 Mastering. www.blaisdell-studio.nl

Ivoryman himself did all instruments, programming, sound-design, recording engineer, mix engineer and all (backing) vocals. Recorded and mixed at Ivory Tower Studio, Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Saxophone on Bill Collector is played by Remco Corporaal.

The Multi-talented Ivoryman, born in Australia and residing in The Netherlands, will release a self-produced Reggae/Dancehall album: ‘Culturally Rude’ on April 1st. The album will be available at all major online music stores.

Also known as a Selectah for world acclaimed sound ‘Foundation’, on this album we see some other sides to Ivoryman: Lyricist, instrumentalist, mix-engineer and producer.

The only rule starting on this project was: Break every rule. In this Ivoryman definitely and defiantly succeeded!

Defiance is probably the word that describes ‘Culturally Rude’ the best. Defy pro-lie-tics, defy Babylon, defy set production rules, defy the stupid rule that you can’t have lyrical fun and have a strong message at the same time, defy the false segregation people seem to create between Roots and Dancehall! Defy anything that dictates rules that stop people from thinking for themselves.

‘Culturally Rude’ is produced organically. With great care and devotion, slowly adding unique elements, based on intuition rather than following the ‘going-trend’. This album is one-of-a-kind unique. Doing things different is a strong thread in anything Ivoryman does: Don’t follow, be original!!!

The end-result is a musical journey through styles, sounds and subjects. The advice is: With an open-mind, listen the album from top to bottom and take that musical journey!!!

Some say it’s slack, some say it’s revolutionary, some say it’s rebellious, some say it’s crude: In come di ting called: ‘CULTURALLY RUDE’!