Jah Cure set to release 11-track ‘Undeniable’ Album this February 17, 2023.

Let’s start to get the elephant out of the room, Jah Cure will release his new 11-track album on February 17th. According to Jah Cure this is the first time that his whole album is produced by a single producer. This time he teamed up with Swedish producer Hamed ”K-One” Pirouzpanah. Normally releasing an album wouldn’t be so special, wasn’t it for the fact that this is a Jah Cure album! Over the past years Cure whose real name is Siccaturie Alcock, has been a lot in the news with, let’s say, ‘Not So Positive News’ which caused him a lot of backlashes, plus he is being incarcerated for over a year now in the Netherlands. This is not the place to go into detail about that, but the fact is that this could have an impact on how the album will be received by his fans and the music fraternity. Will people be able to see his deeds apart from his music?

I did! While listening to the ‘Undeniable’ album I focused on the artist Jah Cure and his music and lyrics, not on Siccaturie Alcock, who, for whatever reason and cause is locked up as stated earlier. There is always two sides to a story and maybe one day we can hear his side. As Jah Cure said it in our soon-to-be-posted interview “My side of the story will be my next album project.“. Again, let’s focus on the artists’ music for now.

The Love-filled album kicks off with the title track of the Undeniable album. “Undeniable’ instantly makes it clear that you are listening to a Jah Cure Album. With his distinctive voice and vibe, you are being sucked into the album. Even more, after 1:10 second when 23-year-old Miami based Haitian-Belizean singer-songwriter Kaylan Arnold joins Cure for the second verse belting it out beautifully, which delivered some instant goosebumps. What a great collaboration to start an album!

In a recent reasoning we had with producer K-One he told us: “Undeniable, I liked it from the beginning but when Clive added his touch with the live instrument, the feeling, the sound and the energy in the studio can’t be explained.. it was real MUSIC, moments like that make me want to sit in the studio fighting and sweating 24/7. “

Track 2 on the album is another collaboration, this time with a man who’s made giant steps in is career for the past 2 years… Ghana’s reggae and Dancehall wonderboy Stonebwoy. The song ‘Everything‘ is, what we expect, one of Jah Cure’s favorite subjects.e Fixing up a relationship with a lady (or should I say ‘partner” in this day and age?) after doing something wrong. ‘Everything is the first track of the album that was released

As stated earlier, Love songs are Cure’s thing. With ‘Trust‘ he addresses the trust issues of his woman and how he wants to work to gain her trust (back).

Apparently, Cure didn’t get the ladies’ trust back, because on track 4 of the album he wants to try it ‘One More Time’. This track has one of those hooks that keeps lingering in your mind “We had it, we lost it, lets find it once more. We had it, we lost it, don’t let this go…“. ‘One More time’ is one of my favorites on the album. And I am not alone in this, as Producer K-One told me: “One More Time is also a favorite because of the melodies and the way the Cure performed it. It’s a mix of Reggae, R&B, and a little Spanish sprinkled on it

After 4 tracks in the album I was getting a bit hungry, but that got even worse with the start of track 5, ‘Good Life’ where Cure sums up all the good Jamaican food to order in the morning. Living the good life, eating, drinking, and enjoying the good life with his love.

Track 6, Find My Way, is one of my least favorite tracks. On this track, I found it hard to hear and understand the lyrics which kinda made me skip this song and move on to …

On Track 7 Cure found another way to say sorry to a lady after a quarrel. We slowly start to wonder if Jah Cure is singing autobiographical songs, after his breakup with Kamilla McDonald or if he just loves to sing about the hardships in relationships in general. Again, you can feel and hear the pain in his voice when he asks the lady “All I ask is ‘Think about it before you leave…”.
On “Think About It” producer K-One stated: “Think About it, the melodies, the choruses and how Cure sings it from the heart. I get goosebumps every time I listen to it.”

As we move on, the title already tells us another love song, on this love-filled album, is on its way. On ‘Be The One‘ declares to his lady that he wants to be the one next to her. He could be ‘anyone in the world but he chooses to be with her’.

In this uptempo acoustic guitar-driven track titled “If I had You‘ again Cure declares his love for his lady. “Let me be the sunshine to your darkness, Light you up for whole the world to see, I put you first too, like you deserve to be…

Beautiful, track number 10, is an uplifting message to those who struggle with how they look and who they are. People who are not aware of their worth and feel they are taken for granted. Another track that resonates long after listening to the album. This is the Jah Cure we know from tracks like ‘Longing For’, ‘Never find’Unconditional Love (feat. Phyllisia)’ and ‘Love is’. Great melodies and lingering hooks just like we said about ‘Undeniable’.

As the album has ended at track 11, it is about to ‘Turn Off the Light’, and get a good night’s sleep. Or, in this case, push yourself up onto your partner and have a good snuggle, and maybe even a bit of touchy touchy, or more depending on what “Rock your Body’ means to you. I would prefer the light to be on tho.

To wrap it u, the GRAMMY-Award-nominated reggae star and Hamed ”K-One” Pirouzpanah delivered a solid 11-song project filled with passion and love. I, personally, would have loved to see some more conscious tracks with a good message in them, but that’s only because I am not at all the lovey-dovey kinda guy. Overall this is an Undeniable well-produced album that will be released by VP Records on February 17th.

My full interview (or reasoning as I like to call it) with Jah Cure and Producer K-One will also be online this February 17th, 2023. Keep an eye out for that one!