Kazam Davis releases 5 track ‘Wash my Natty” EP

Kingston, Jamaica – Friday, May 21, 2021 Kazam Davis released “Wash My Natty” EP which comprises 5 tracks that engage the audience and captures you in a reflective way while spreading love, happiness and a sense of hope which is needed in these times.

Produced by Sherkhan, Tiger Records, “Wash My Natty EP” speaks not just to the physical, but drawing and delving into the spiritual and awakening of one’s spirit. It emphasizes the re-birth of one’s consciousness – conscious in mind, actions staying true to self and others.

Wash My Natty is a blessing that couldn’t come sooner the EP features a combination of sounds ranging from reggae, dancehall, and nyabinghi which awakens the senses, giving you hope, joy, peace, and a lot of mixed emotions! The message in the music radiates energies that connect us on a deeper and spiritual level.

Kazam Davis is a mission music artist whose only passion is to spread and heal the world through positive music, messages, and love. You can hear it in Kazam’s message, and his latest EP is a symbol of his music which transcends reality and deep roots.

Artwork: Sherkan
Mixing Engineers: Oscar Montesinos Marques & Juan Manuel Villa Escribano
Mastering Engineer: Alex Psaroudakis