Luciano Releases long-awaited “The Answer” Album

The wait is finally over. Two-time Grammy nominee – Luciano – released his latest full-lenth album ‘ The Answer ‘ on the Oneness Records label. This masterclass in roots-derived reggae music sees the legendary artist at the peak of his powers. On all 11 tracks, with production from Moritz v. Korff and Benjamin Zecher, mixed and mastered by Umberto Echo, Luciano breathes new life into the roots reggae genre.

The world has already had a taste of what to expect – from the dub-soul hybrid title track, then ‘ The Victory ‘ featuring Iba Mahr (and some real funky guitars), to the brooding and cautious Runkus collaboration ‘ Use Jah Words ‘ and the powerfully orchestrated duet with Jesse Royal titled ‘ The Music ‘ – the four singles have earned attention and acclaim from aficionados of the genre.

Musically brilliant, lyrically potent, pertinent, and with performances from the artist and featured guests being on top form, the album is set to delight Luciano’s existing fans, and endear him to a whole generation of new ones, too.

The Answer Credits:
Drums: Gregory “Daddy Zigo“ Mavridorakis, Giuseppe “Flash“ Coppola, Martino Liver, Thomas Join Lambert, Janis Carow, Markus“Pirate“Hendler
Bass: Moritz “DaBaron“ v.Korff, Sumalee Berlinger
Guitars: Stefan “Tavi“ Tavra, Uli “Ulinjah“ Czermak, Jérémy “Bim“ Dessus, Florian “Stahl“ Münzer, Jérémy Grégeois
Keys: Frank „Pollensi“ Pollak, Markus“ Pirate“ Hendler, Moritz “DaBaron“ v.Korff, Stefan “Tavi“ Tavra, Andreas Kastiunik ,Fyah T, Frederic Peyron, Idir Derdiche, Luke Dixon
Sax: Hannes “AlCaphorn“ Hermann
Trumpet: Stefan Heller
Trombone: Klaus Ottilinger, Sidney Lutara
Percussion: Moritz “DaBaron“ v.Korff, Martino Liver, Giuseppe “Flash“ Coppola, Umberto Echo
Melodica: Moritz “DaBaron“ v.Korff, Stefan “Tavi“ Tavra
Backing Vocals: Jahcoustix, Nicky Burt, Sista Lou
Mix&Master: Umberto Echo
Produced by Moritz “DaBaron“ v.Korff, Benjamin Zecher and Umberto Echo

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