Marcus Gad meets Tamal on Brave New World Album

Marcus Gad meets Tamal on a brand new album filled with heavy basslines and deep roots tracks, released o the Easy Star Record Label. Marcus Gad and Tamal first met in 2009 when Tamal was working at the famous Davout Studios in Paris. He recorded Marcus Gad’s first songs in 2011, as well as Marcus’s acclaimed debut album Chanting. Tamal later joined Marcus Gad & Tribe on tour as their official live sound engineer. The duo officially debuted as Marcus Gad Meets Tamal with the release of their first EP Enter A Space, which included their breakout hit “River.”

This new production came together during the Covid-19 pandamic after Marcus Gads release of his Rhythm Of Serenity album which was produced by Zion I Kings.

On this new 12-track body of work we hear a blend of reggae, soul, and hip-hop. The urban beats and modern sounds mixed with traditional elements form the overall aesthetic of the album, finding a meeting place of old and new. In the same song, you can hear a reggae rhythm over an 808 beat, or a hip hop beat mixed with a traditional Moroccan loutar, all the while still tuned in at 432hz. According to the duo, “resonating at this frequency prevents stress, promotes relaxation, and can heal our internal systems.”

Brave New World is out now on all major platforms for your listening pleasure.
Released: November 5, 2021 ℗ 2021 Easy Star Records under license from Sudar Publishing