Marcus Gad’s fourth album: ‘Ready For Battle’

After three years of waiting, Marcus Gad & Tribe finally deliver their new creation, Ready For Battle. It’s the fourth studio album by the New Caledonian artist together with his band Tribe, founded around the singer in 2017 for the album Chanting.

This project addresses the recurring themes that Marcus Gad approaches through his music: spiritual conscience, collective awakening about the urgent need to change our way of living and praise of nature are topics that have always been important, but have become capital in our post-pandemic world. With Ready For Battle, Marcus Gad shares a message that stays true to his guiding principle: feet deep in the ground, head in the cosmos.

Although the album was written and recorded between 2018 and 2019, in a world not yet subject to the drastic rules put in place to mitigate the global health crisis, Marcus already had the will and urge to live consciously. This urgency felt by the artist was perhaps a foretaste of what awaited us; an invitation to take advantage of our fundamental rights, which for many seemed to be taken for granted. So the title Ready For Battle was prescient: we were going to have to prepare to defend our rights, our humanity and our resources.

Marcus Gad reminds us that we are up against the manipulations of multinationals and complicit governments that, in the name of economic growth, privatize and dispossess primordial resources such as water or genetically modify the staple crops that feed humanity. For this reason, he calls for a battle, not of war, but of resistance to a model that he considers outdated, armed with our spiritual, individual and collective conscience, but also with our will to maintain our status as free humanity and to rethink our lives in accordance with our environment. Ready For Battle‘s 14 tracks are a call for solidarity in opposition to the individualistic world.

Technically, this new record is also part of a collective approach, as it has been recorded as a live album, with all the musicians playing together and at the same time, as opposed to the more traditional method of individual studio sessions. This group work in the studio allows for artistic emulation, small changes in tempo, spontaneous touches of color, and a tighter overall sound. It also gives the opportunity to refine, correct and perfect the final result together.

Ready For Battle is available on vynil, CD and digital platforms.

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