Mark Wonder – Remz of the Dragon Slayer

Mark Wonder has also just returned to Oneness Records for a second time, with his latest release Remz of the Dragon Slayer. It’s a heady, spiritually and socially conscious mix of Roots, Dub and Funky Soul – with flashes of Jazz thrown in for good measure. His mother’s love for RnB is again a clear influencer, as Wonder’s expressive, intuitive, smoky and soulful voice glides across tracks, reverberating through a powerful tenor into a smooth falsetto. From the funky Another Day, to the driving Roots of Voyages Across the Sea featuring Crosby, via the Gospel-influenced Kemetic, the Neo Soul Better Days and the Dub-esque Crisis, Remz of the Dragon Slayer is yet another cleverly crafted, powerful, thought-provoking and musically ingenious release from this ever-evolving artist.