Meta & The Cornerstones release DIA (Jah)

After the release of the great Hira album back in 2019, Meta Dia and his Cornerstone have been busy working on this musical child called DIA (pronounced as JAH). This 16! track album is again filled with the kind of Reggae Music that comes straight from the heart, into the listener’s heart.

From the first track on the album ‘Liberation‘ (aka No Roadblock) Meta takes you on a reggae trip through Africa. One by one Meta’s tracks have their roots reggae sound mixed with his African Roots. When listening to the songs on the album you get to learn that Meta is a real troubadour, He sings the songs like he is telling a story and you are the only listener.

One of my favorites on the album is the energetic ‘Love in the Ghetto“, I can’t wait to see this track played live on stage.

It is good to also see some collaborations on the album. On ‘Majesty‘ we can hear the beautiful voice of SumeRR a.k.a ‘La Jamaicana’ and on ‘Concrete Jungle‘ Meta teamed up with Julian Marley and Malik Work for a great version of this Bob Marley classic.

Chauvinistic as I am, I am happy to see that the album also has a bit of a Dutch Flavor, on the track “Tresspass‘ Meta teamed up with the topnotch musicians of the Skankin’ Monks.

The album ends with “Free”, a dubby track, or a prayer if u wish, with a collaboration with Mirna Haje from Paris France wherein Meta addresses the state of our planet.

As always I will not tell you what to think of the album, all I can do is share my own opinion. Being a big fan of Meta and the Cornerstones, again this album didn’t let me down. I would suggest you head to your favorite streaming platform and put this one on repeat!

By Danny Creatah