Mo Ali releases Alhamdo Lilah EP

Mo Ali released his dream, a 5 track EP, released on DMF Records. 5 tracks of roots reggae music. Or better said as Mo Ali wrote on his Facebook, his first Baby:

“On this day my imagination passes by my memories from years ago, From my start in Sudan to the last point where I’m now settling (Netherlands). How my passion for music started and how I relate to it. Where you attract me without a will until you t-shirt me and become the primary motivator for my future dreams. I was singing, writing, playing, and I don’t know why, but I was sure I was creating something that would make others happy one day. The road was hard and full of struggles.

I was facing and struggling with my voice. I was standing in the face of recklessness and regime ruling in Sudan, society, customs, unjustified hate, and broken critics. Between the anvil of strict religious traditions and a hammer that musicals as work, profession, and professionalism. I was resisting Waz believing in my message just to say: I have a love I want to share through music.I only wanted to spread love. Love was the master of attitude and the victor.

Today I’m releasing my first album as my first little baby ahead of his upcoming brothers, God willing. This album considered it the epitome of a story of conflict and hope… The hope that was always beating inside me.I dedicate to you my first album in the name of (Alhamdulillah) and say thank God for your love that made me present among you. And not to prolong I won’t be able to count the names (later in an upcoming post) and this is required for a listing book but I thank everyone who: Support me, visit me, believe in my message, support me, I won’t write anymore, I’m not good at writing.. I’ll let the music talk…Thank you. I named the album (Alhamdulillah) because God is the reason for all the best I love you and love you.”