One Love Unity Network volume 1 by Colah Colah

Rising Jamaican artist Colah Colah a.k.a. Network is expecting to release a new album called One Love Unity Network volume 1. This 15-track album will be released by Basco and Elevation Records in May 2014.

Colah Colah explains that One Love and Unity is not something you can do all by yourself, so this album has collaborations in many ways. All songs for example are done by Colah Colah featuring other artists, like Luciano, Kenneth Culture and Fantan Mojah to name a few.

Riddims are done by Askel, The One Drop Roots Band, Galo and Basco with recording engineer Randy from Jaro Studio. Mixing is done by Fatta from Anchor Studio’s and Galo from The Netherlands.

And even the surprising intro of the album is done by two different artists. All songs are mastered by Spider from Anchor Studio’s. Graphics are done by Arjen.

“This album is showing that One Love and Unity in your Network, will lead to upliftment of humanity and positive vibes”, according to the artist. “Collaboration is key, because we all need each other and happiness is something that we must share”.

Currently Colah Colah is getting good feedback on his latest hit songs named “The Bees” and “Up and Running” to name a few from his last album. One Love Unity Network volume 1 is a strong one of a kind album, which will take you on a positive musical journey.

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