Proverb Nesta I releases mindblowing ‘Tower Of Babel’ Album.

Once in a blue moon, it happens that an upcoming artist blows the listener completely off his/her socks from start to finish with a debut album. This time we experienced that with the new “Tower of Babel” album by Proverb Nesta I, born Clive Jonga, from harare Zimbabwe.

The album contains 11 tracks that, one by one, are true gems. From the opening track of the album ‘Beautiful‘, a homage to the black queens, all the way to the final, and title track of the album “Tower Of Babel‘, Proverb Nesta I captivates the listener with his clear, somewhat raspy voice.

We would really love you to listen to this great production and find out yourself, but for me, the powerful track “Kings and Queens” really stands out from this amazing debut. I hope when everything opens back again after Covid, I get to see Proverb Nesta I, live on a stage in front of my camera.

The 11 track album “Tower of Babel” by Proverb Nesta I is now available on all platforms.