Rass Motivated releases Mind of a Rebel Album

Rass Motivated, the young reggae artist hailing from Rotterdam, the Netherlands is released his second album after two years. Starting out as a rapper Rass Motivated found his call to reggae while writing his first single Essence of Life as a tribute to all mothers in the world. The tune became a huge success landing Rass a definite career in reggaemusic. He has shared the stage with Sizzla, Vybz Kartel, Aidonia and Gyptian amongst others and was named Music-ambassador of Rotterdam in 2012.

Mind of a Rebel, Rass Motivated’s sophomore album is a 14-track roots reggae album, based on Rass’ believes that a rebel is not a rebel out of spite, but out of love for his fellow man and community. Featured artists on the album are the young reggae artists out of Holland Junior Kenna and Rapha Pico.

The first single of the album is Point of You, which is a song about unity amongst ourselves, countries and nations, about never forgetting to forgive, because after all human kind has been through, we still understand each other enough to say ‘I’m feeling you’.

Release Date: May 21, 2016


01 Lead Us
02 Poin of You
03 Vegetable Wasted
04 No Rehearsal
05 No Escape ft Junior Kenna
06 jamaica
07 A Million Roses
08 Selfish Altruist
09 Forever Free
10 System Speech
11 WAR
12Bam Bam Killah
13 Serve & Protect ft Rapha Pico
14 Mind of a Rebel