Reggae Angels, Sly and Robbie release new album

New Album Released With Double Disk CD Including Dub Versions
‘The Fox Dubs: Remember Our Creator.’

(Oakland, CA) The Reggae Angels are enthusiastic to announce the release of their new album ‘Remember Our Creator’ with Sly and Robbie! This album embodies the Reggae Angels sound with spiritual lyrics focusing on themes such as remembering God, living in love, gratitude, patience, and contentment. Featuring the renowned production duo Sly and Robbie, ‘Remember Our Creator’ delivers conscious, uplifting roots reggae music. This release is a double-disc CD featuring vocal and dub versions. The new album is out now and available everywhere you stream music, and CDS are available HERE. 

Reggae Angels are a staple in the US reggae scene. They are known to deliver high-energy performances with a happy sound and a universal God-conscious message. Known for their live shows and their many albums, the Reggae Angels have been gracing stages for over three decades around the globe. Most notably they have toured with legendary roots reggae artists such as Don Carlos, Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang, Bitty Mclean, Anthony B, and many more.

‘Remember Our Creator’ is the Reggae Angel’s 15th studio album! This release is backed by the multi-Grammy award winning legends, masters of groove and propulsion, Sly and Robbie. The multi-talented renown musicians, producers, songwriters, and arrangers Sly Dunbar on drums and Robbie Shakespeare on bass, are widely acknowledged as the world’s greatest rhythm section. ‘The Riddim Twins’ have been together for over 40 years and between them, they are estimated to have played on or produced over 200,000 recordings. They are known as the premiere architects of modern Jamaican reggae music. ‘Remember Our Creator’  is Reggae Angels third release with mostly the same musicians, including Sly and Robbie. Having worked with Sly and Robbie for decades in both recording and live performing, the Reggae Angels are delighted to have Sly and Robbie on the new album!

Peter “Fenton” Wardle, lead singer and band leader comments, “Musically, to me there are many good songs on the album. I love all of the songs. All of them sound distinct from each other. None of them sound the same.” He continues, “I am very thankful for the outcome because music production doesn’t always work like that. There has to be support from God for a song to work.”

‘Remember Our Creator’  is 12 songs deep, full of inspirational lyrics and uplifting music with reminders and guidance towards more God-centric living. Stand out songs include “Gratitude.” Fenton comments, “It is about always being in a state of gratitude for the countless blessings God gives us. Gratitude brings increase. If you are grateful, I will give you more. If you are ungrateful, my punishment is severe. This is prophecy.” Other standouts include “One Heart” which calls for living in love and unity and oneness, about not complaining and moving forward in serving the Creator.

“Positive Way” also encourages people to come together and live in love with others, doing good deeds and making blessings and over all, about being good hearted. Fenton reflects, “good lyrical aphorisms can be repeated again and again and they continue to remind and encourage one towards righteous living.”

Additional featured musicians on ‘Remember Our Creator’  include Dwight Pinkney on guitar, Patrick Murray and Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul on keyboards, Dean Fraser on sax, the late Ronald “Nambo” Robinson on trombone, and Okeil Mckentyre on trumpet. With additional bass playing by Christopher Meredith. On melodica is Augustus Pablo’s son, Addis Pablo and on percussion is Alton “Sandrum” Vanhorne. Background vocals were done by Ellenore “Brady” Walters who also sang on the previous three Reggae Angels albums.

‘Remember Our Creator’  was recorded by Fenton at his studio the Workshop in Oakland, CA. Additional recording was done by Orville “Rorey” Baker at the One Pop studio and by Delroy “Phatta” Pottinger at the Anchor studio, both in Kingston, Jamaica. The new album was mixed and mastered by the world-renown engineer Jim Fox at the Lion and Fox Recording Studio in Washington DC. The full album came together during the 2020 covid lockdowns. Peter comments, “For the first time I was not able to physically be in the Lion & Fox studio when the album was being mixed because of covid, but I was able to be there virtually through Zoom. That was also an interesting new experience.” He continues, “because it was produced during the COVID lockdown I was able to work and focus on it with fewer distractions. I took my time with it, weak points lyrically were able to be strengthened and meaningful inspirations were able to be added over time. The creative process was not rushed.”

Reflecting back on the new album and recordings Fenton comments, “This is my strongest most meaningful and musical album to date. Emotionally the album reminds me of God and a serious sense of purpose as a servant of God. It makes me feel an awareness of God and it makes me feel happy to hear the messages in melodies and song.”

‘Remember Our Creator’  with Sly and Robbie is out now available everywhere you stream music, and CD’s are available HERE.

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