Reggae Legend Clinton Fearon Released His New Album “Breaking News”

(Seattle, WA) – The legendary Reggae musician, Clinton Fearon’s newest full length album, Breaking News, was written in just a few months during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, Clinton Fearon was staying at home with his wife and together they created and broadcasted a livestreaming series that helped them to stay connected with the outside world. These moments were emotional bright lights for Clinton and his wife throughout the pandemic and inspired Clinton to stay positive. But it was in contrast to the seemingly daily stream of constant bad news that the media reported and that took its toll on Clinton. The songwriter felt the urge to fight back and wrote a collection of songs with his signature lyrics filled with common sense and compassion.

For the making of “Breaking News” Clinton Fearon took a different approach. Previous records with the legendary musician had started with recording a guide track for each song. Typically, the initial recording is with just his voice and a guitar recorded in one take and from there other parts are laid down track-by-track with his band in Seattle. But instead, Clinton Fearon ended up recording a proper demo in Seattle with most of the tracks on file, and except for drums and keyboards, he played all instrument parts himself along with sound engineer Pete Remine at Dubtrain Studio. The demo was then sent to the musicians in France to practice. A couple of months later, Clinton Fearon flew from Seattle to Bordeaux and started recording with his band in session with sound engineer Damien ‘Bobby’ Coutrot in Baco Studio.

On the new album, Breaking News Clinton Fearon is backed by The Riddim Source who are comprised of the great musicians, Xavier ‘Kubix’ Bègue (guitar), Julien ‘Manjul’ Souletie (vocals and percussions), Simon ‘Saymon’ Coutant (drums), Thomas ‘Mato’ Cirade (bass) and Muctaru Wurie (keyboards). All who Clinton regards as, “the best set of musicians I’ve ever played with.” The Riddim Source first met with Clinton Fearon in spring 2019, to record a live session for the promotion of his previous album “History Say.” And by the summer of 2021, they started touring with the renowned Jamaican singer and songwriter and have since become his backing band. The recording of “Breaking News” happened during the days off this first summer tour together, and through these two projects, Clinton Fearon and The Riddim Source created a tight bond fueled by the love and care of music and friendship.

This album is therapeutic for Clinton Fearon, whose life completely changed during the pandemic along with a whole community of musicians and artists. As Manjul said to his brother Clinton: “What a pleasure for ears, and medicine for mind, body, and soul!”

Breaking News is Clinton Fearon 13th full-length solo album, and the first one not entirely self-produced. After three years of successful partnership, Boogie Brown Productions (Clinton Fearon and his wife Catherine) and Baco Music decided to co-produce this magnificent album. It is due to be released on Kool Yu Foot and Baco Records on June 3rd.

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